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Summary: The Perils of the Parapet Cap

Excessive rain in the Northwest where the constant wetting and lack of drying can make the smallest penetration a catastrophe in a short amount of time.  While residential architecture makes up for this constant wetting by using pitched roofs with nice overhangs, 99% of commercial structures have a semi-flat roof with no overhangs.  Instead of overhangs, there is the parapet cap which is often the most responsible for extensive water intrusion.  Learn what property owners should understand, how elements within a stucco assembly can’t perform well when extreme water intrusion occurs, and examples of why stucco leaks.

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Summary: New Technique for the Measurement of the Impact Resistance of Wall Coatings

A new technique for the quantitative assessment of the impact resistance of thick plaster or cement coatings on walls uses a new device that measures the energy absorbed by the coating during the impact of a steel ball striking it’s surface.  The energy absorbed is proportional to the height of the rebound of the steel ball.  Not only is it possible to measure the damage caused to the coating, but the technique also allows a quantitative evaluation of the extent of damage per unit of energy absorbed.  These measurements can help in predicting the operational lifetime of wall coatings.  Some results are presented for various types of wall coatings.  Click the download button to learn more.

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