Finish Coat Application

Technical Bulletin: Application of Finish Coats

March 24, 2015

Rapid Set® EISENWALL® is formulated with high performance Rapid Set® cement. Rapid Set cement is strong, durable and fast setting, as well as very low shrinkage. Unlike portland cement which only half the mix water is used for hydration and the rest is left to evaporate, Rapid Set cement uses virtually all the mix water for the chemical hydration of the cement particles. This virtually eliminates shrinkage in EISENWALL, and also eliminates bleeding and excess water in the mix. This lack of excess water in combination with the fast-setting characteristics of EISENWALL allows much earlier application of finish coats and coatings compared to portland cement products.

Rapid Set EISENWALL is the only product in the U.S. that is ICC approved to be scratched and browned to a 3/4″ application in one day. After application the walls must be moist cured for 90 minutes. In average weather conditions, traditional cement finish coats can be applied 3 hours after completion of moist curing. Acrylic finishes and other paint/coatings can be applied 24 hours after completion of moist curing.