Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

Rapid Set® EISENWALL® is applied in much the same way as traditional plastic cements or Portland and lime. However, EISENWALL has a shorter setting time and certain precautions need to be taken for optimum application. Following the guidelines below will help to ensure a high quality finish, and an easy, hassle-free installation.

Do not mix Rapid Set EISENWALL Cement with Portland cement or Portland based plastic cements. Blending Rapid Set EISENWALL Cement with other cements will decrease its performance and can cause other adverse effects.

Do not add lime. Under no circumstances should lime be added to Rapid Set EISENWALL Cement. Also, do not add any pump aids or flow agents to Rapid Set EISENWALL Cement. EISENWALL already contains a high-performance pumping additive.

Use only clean, high quality, washed plaster sand. Do not use dirty or silty unwashed sand. Dirty sand can lead to cracking and hose-packing. Unwashed sand can also contain salts and other contaminants that can contribute to corrosion of reinforcing metal. Use only clean, clear, potable water that would otherwise be suitable for drinking. Silty water, or water that contains dissolved salts can affect the set time of Rapid Set EISENWALL and cause cracking or corrosion of reinforcing metal.

Do not add anything to Rapid Set EISENWALL Cement other than sand, water, or EISENWALL Set Control®. The setting time of Rapid Set EISENWALL is approximately 75 minutes at 70°F (21°C). It is important that the plastering operation be organized within this time limitation. Warmer weather conditions may significantly speed up the setting characteristics, thus reducing the working time. Cooler weather conditions slow down the setting characteristics. The working time may be extended by using cold materials or by using EISENWALL Set Control™.   Up to two packets of EISENWALL Set Control™ per 88lb. bag of Rapid Set EISENWALL may be added to the mix. To use EISENWALL Set Control™, place the contents of the packet in a clean bucket and dissolve with water. Add this solution to the mixer along with the mixing water. Under normal conditions each packet of EISENWALL Set Control™ (per 88-lb. bag of Rapid Set EISENWALL) extends the setting time approximately 20 – 30 minutes. See Set Control Guidelines.

For best results, apply brown coat as soon as scratch coat is rigid enough to receive it. Rapid Set EISENWALL must be water cured after application. Mist the plastered surface with clean water to maintain its wet sheen, until the material is hard and cannot be scratched with a nail (usually approximately 90 minutes). Neglecting to follow proper wet-curing procedures can lead to cracking. Wet-curing is especially important in hot or windy weather, or when applying the product one-coat, full thickness. Also, before applying brown coat or stucco finish coat, wet the entire wall to ensure even suction.


When pumping Rapid Set® EISENWALL®

Do not begin mixing until the gun and finishing crews are ready to work. Ideally, material should mix for 4-6 minutes in the mixer, and be poured in the hopper as soon as the nozzleman is ready to spray. Do not mix for more than 10-15 minutes or retemper material. Try to avoid delays between gun application (downtime when the material sits in the hose between application). Rapid Set EISENWALL is a fast setting material that can set up in the hose if guidelines are not carefully followed.
Use only proven, quality mixing and pumping equipment for the application of Rapid Set EISENWALL. A breakdown on the spraying rig can lead to set ups in the hose if careful attention is not paid. Pay careful attention to the condition of the pump manifold and clean if buildup becomes present. Always have a fire hydrant adapter on hand to clean out the hoses in case of pumping equipment failure.
Between mixing batches, always clean the grating and screens on both the mixer and hopper. Also, spray the mixing paddles with a high pressure hose to control buildup of material on the paddles. Hardened, built-up material can break off and cause hose packing and damage to pumping equipment. Always try to keep buildup of hardened material in the mixer and hopper to a minimum.

Do not use more hose than necessary to reach the application surface. If possible, move the spray rig to a better position to minimize hose length.

Always follow proper pumping procedures; such as cleaning the hose with a sponge and generous amounts of water before and after pumping. For best results, “grease” the hose with a high quality pump-aid, such as Hillbest-25 or Pozalite prior to pumping Rapid Set EISENWALL.

Use a 5/8″ orifice instead of 1/2″. This not only reduces buildup in the nozzle, but gives a better spray pattern with Rapid Set EISENWALL.


When applying Rapid Set® EISENWALL® one-coat, full thickness

It is important that the mix be thick.  Make sure the mix is not too wet. A mix with overly high flow characteristics will sag and not hang on the wall at full thickness.  Make one pass with the gun, smooth out any uneven areas, then return immediately to fill in any low spots that need final attention.

It may be necessary to apply a thin layer to several square yards and allow the material to stiffen for a few moments before building up to a full 3/4” thickness. If you have not used Rapid Set EISENWALL previously, and would like job-site or technical assistance or are interested in becoming an approved applicator, contact CTS Cement Mfg. Corp. at 800-929-3030.