Cost Savings Considerations

One-Coat application saves the labor charges for the entire scratch coat, effectively reducing cost of time and labor.

Saves the time that the crew and gun would be on the job for the scratch coat; they can be on another job making money for the company instead of being tied up.

Allows the company to take on more work without hiring more crews or buying additional guns; the gun crews they have now become more productive.

For a smaller job (500 yards or less), or a job where only a smaller portion is ready for plaster, one coat allows the job to be finished in two days (one day for one coat, one day for color) instead of three (scratch, brown and color). This is an extra day that the crew can be working on another job.

Allows the plasterer to get off the job faster, and get paid faster, since all the curing time is eliminated.

Less cracking, so fewer returns to patch cracks.

Scaffold is tied up for less time, allows the plasterer to take on more work without investing in more scaffolding.

Oftentimes the G.C. is willing to pay a small premium to speed up the job, getting the plaster done faster and allowing the other trades to come in and get their work completed.

Equipment (guns, scaffold, material, trailers, etc.) doesn’t sit at the job wasting potential earnings during curing, not to mention any rental costs incurred.

Less time on the job means a lesser chance of delays and complications due to weather and other factors.