Why Eisenwall?


Premium Cement for Exterior Plaster

WhyEisenwallD_1If you’re looking for a high quality finish and superior durability on your exterior plastering jobs, choose Rapid Set® Eisenwall®. It’s a premium hydraulic cement for exterior plastering, one-coat stucco and plaster wall repair applications – and it also outperforms plastic cement. With Eisenwall, you can eliminate virtually all shrinkage cracking.

Eisenwall can be applied on wood and steel frame construction, and over most substrates, new or retrofit. Apply the same way as conventional plastic cement by hand or machine (gun spraying). Save time and money by scratching, browning, and color coating Eisenwall in one day.

Eisenwall is perfect for plaster and stucco on high quality commercial and residential building projects like schools, shopping centers, custom homes, office buildings, and more. When fast turnaround, long-term durability, and superior crack resistance is needed, use Eisenwall. One 88-pound bag covers 5 square yards at 3/4-inches thick.